Get a floor plan of your residence, or make one out to scale on graph paper. Then try to fit your furniture in it. If it won't fit on paper, get rid of it!

Ignore the "I might need It some day" syndrome.

Don't move a gas stove or dryer to a home powered electrically.

Combine items you will need immediately upon arrival in one or two boxes and designate it unload first. (i.e.-paper towels, cups, etc...)

Label all boxes for each room, i. e., Master Bedroom - Bedding.

Remove ornamental lamp shades and put in a safe place. Small lamps may be wrapped and packed in small cartons.

You should handle legal documents, important paper, jewels and currency personally. You may want to transport those items yourself, for you own peace of mind.

Chinaware - Wrap china and all fragile objects in paper individually; large plates and heavy pieces on bottom, smaller plates and cups on top using a dish pack box.

The most important advice we can give you regarding your relocation is to get some sleep the night before and enjoy every minute in your new home!

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We can haul 1 item or 1000 pieces. No job is too big or too small. We operate city trucks, vans, and up to 26' straight trucks are available.

Call 404.424.1732 for a hassle free estimate or consultation.

SR Delivery "delivers" trust and quality at affordable rates. We accept cash, check or Mastercard and Visa.

• Antique specialists
• Home /Apartment moves
• Packing & unpacking service
• Warehouse pickups
• Furniture delivery dock-to-dock
• P/D showroom pickups
• Designer services
• Art installation and or hanging
• Furniture assembly
• Internal moving installations and setups
• Freight forwarding delivery services

Call 404.424.1732 to obtain rates and scheduling for all special delivery requests.

Whether you require a local and/or long distance, SR Delivery will handle your freight with quality and care.

SR Delivery has quality drivers & helpers waiting, ready and willing to serve you, the customer, at a moments notice.

We have the equipment needed to move anything with moving professionals, i.e., skilled drivers and helpers on staff.

Lift gates, pads, tape, dollies, hand trucks and all other freight handling equipment on each truck. We can provide piano boards if needed.

We secure all items to insure your cargo is never damaged in transit -- this is our promise.

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